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Reduce Eye Strain

Here’s a good tip for reducing computer eyestrain: make your default background color slightly darker, without overdoing it. This reduces the harsh glare of most applications, at the expense of a small amount of contrast. Most people I know that have tried this say it makes a big difference, especially if they use their screen for long periods.

If you have Windows XP, do this:

  • Right-click the desktop and select “Properties”;
  • Click the “Appearance” tab;
  • Click the “Advanced” button;
  • Click in the white area of the “Active Window” window;
  • Click the “Color 1″ drop-down;
  • Click the “Other” button;
  • Drag down the slider on the right-hand side a bit.

This will reduce the three component colors of the default white background color, making it slightly darker (values in the region of 240 to 245 seem appropriate); Click all the “OK” buttons to implement the change, which will restart your display manager. Some applications won’t pick up the new color until you restart them or reboot.

This great tip is courtesy The Rebuild Your Vision Program.


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