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Rebuild Your Vision Success Story

Just wanted to share a success story from one of the customers of the Rebuild Your Vision Program

Frustrated by having to find and put on my glasses every time I
needed to read something in fine print and told I needed
progressive bifocals to prevent headaches I searched out your
course on the web. After performing the exercises regularly last
summer for a month I no longer needed to wear them to read.

I have not worn glasses for the past year. I take “eye vitamin
supplements” of the type recommended in your newsletter and use
the timer program when I work on the computer. I’ve formed
better, more realistic reading habits, and respect my eyes and am
grateful for my wondrous ‘new’ perfect vision without glasses.

A deep and profound ‘Thank You’. I am very glad you have your

– Stevin S., Beatrice, NE

Success stories like these are very motivating.

Eye Care Tip – Drink More Water


Firstly let me take teh time to wish all my readers all the best for the New Year!

Today, I’m providing a simple tip, which I got from the Rebuild Your Vision Program Newsletter.

Drinking plenty of water is essential to eye health. Remember, our cornea is 80% water! Drinking water ensures that your eyes will remain as moist as they need to be to properly function; it also flushes out toxins and allows your peepers to repel dirt, dust, and parasites that cause infection.

Simple, but Important!

3 Simple Eye Exercise Tips

Orlin Sorensen has posted some more tips on the Rebuild Your Vision Program blog.

These 3 tips are very interesting to me, because they talk about 3 of what I believe are the most important things you need to do if you want to see results with natural vision improvement.

  1. Be consistent with your eye exercises
  2. Keep yourself motivated
  3. Learn to be more relaxed

Here’s the link to the blog post – 3 Simple Eye Exercise Tips

Hope you enjoy the tips!… And leave a comment and let me know what you think about the tips.


Reduce The Symptoms of Computer Vision Syndrome

I was reading an interesting article over at teh Rebuild Your Vision Blog… Thought I’d share it with you guys..

It gives some tips about how to reduce Computer Vision Sydrome.

Check it out here – Rebuild Your Vision Tips to Reduce Computer Vision Syndrome Symptoms


Dry Eye Syndrome – Rebuild Your Vision Tip of The Month

This month’s Rebuild Your Vision Program newsletter provided some tips about dry eye syndrome… thought I’d share them with you!

There are various types of dry eye syndrome, and between 10 and 15 percent of people in the United States have dry eye problems. Dry eye syndrome occurs as a part of the natural aging process, especially during menopause; as a side effect of medications such as antihistamines and antidepressants; and as a result of living in a dry, dusty, or windy climate. Air conditioning or heating systems can also dry out your eyes. Another cause is insufficient blinking, such as when you’re staring at a computer screen all day.

Preservative-free artificial tears can be purchased over the counter to help moisten dry eyes. But for a natural solution, many people find flaxseed oil tablets to be helpful. As well, omega-6 fatty acids (found in borage and evening primrose oil) and omega-3 fatty acids (found in fish oil) can help restore the lipid layer of the eye. This keeps tears from evaporating as quickly. Supplement with 50mg of vitamin B6 to improve utilization of these fats in the body.

By the way, the Ocu-Plus Formula Vision Supplement has all the nutrients to help maintain healthy eyes.

if you haven’t signed up for the rebuild your vision newsletter, I highly recommend that you do at

I hope you all have a wonderful and safe Christmas…

Till next time,


Rebuild Your Vision EyeQ Quiz

Hey, I just got this email from Orlin Sorensen – the founder of the Rebuild Your Vision Eye Exercise Program…

He’s giving away three copies of his program absolutely free… he’s even paying for shipping… all you have to do is take a quiz.

But there’s a little catch… The first 3 people who take the test and answer all 6 questions correctly will win a free copy of the Rebuild Your Vision program.

Here’s the link to the Quiz – Rebuild Your Vision EyeQ Quiz

Good Luck!!

Eye Nutrition – Eyebright Herb

Have you ever heard about “eyebright”?…  Well a lot of people haven’t.

I came about this eye nutrition fact in the RebuildYourVision Newsletter and thought I should share it:

Eyebright has been used for centuries to treat eye irritation. Its Greek name, Euphrasia, comes from Euphrosyne, one of the three Graces, who was distinguished for her joy and mirth. The name is thought to have been given the plant because of its valuable properties as an eye medicine that preserved eyesight and so brought gladness into the life of the sufferer.

Eyebright is an antioxidant herb. Its antibiotic and astringent properties tighten membranes and mucus surrounding the eyes, effectively strengthening and improving circulation. Rich in vitamins A and C, eyebright also contains tannins that are beneficial for reducing inflammation.

The Rebuild Your Vision Ocu-Plus Formula contains Eyebright and 16 other nutrients that play an important role in your vision health.

Look out tomorrow for more information on the Janet Goodrich Personal Eyesight Training Kit.

Till then,


How did I improve my astigmatism

Since my post some weeks ago about the improvement in my astigmatism, I’ve received several emails asking about what I did to improve my astigmatism.

Well, the truth is, I can’t point to any specific thing and neither can my optician. However, I can tell you about some of the changes I’ve made since I started my quest to improve my vision a couple of years ago… I’m sure that the improvement can be attributed to one or more of these things:

Eye exercises – Doing eye exercises to improve vision was one of the first things I started doing. Intially, I followed the steps in the Rebuild Your Vision Program very regularly. However, in more recent times, I have been doing the exercises rather infrequently.

Nutrition – I decided to use a multivitamin that has the vitamins and minerals necessary for healthy eyes, such as lutein. I am currently using MegaMen Sport, because I’m so active (swimming, cycling, etc), but you can check out the Occu-Plus Formula or any of the eye vitamins product on this page.

General habits – There are couple of habits I’ve developed over the past couple of years:

  • Practicing the 10-10-10 rule when using the computer… as well as trying to blink more frequently when I’m at the computer
  • Not depending on my glasses too much… I don’t use them unless I have to.

So there you have it… the changes I’ve made to help improve my own eyesight.

Have you seen any improvement in your eyesight? And if so what have you been doing?


Vision Tip From The RebuildYourVision Program

Here’s a tip from the Rebuild Your Vision Program – It’s about how night lights affect your eyes.

Most of us believe that leaving a night-light on for our kids is reassuring, but a new study from the University of Pennsylvania Medical Center suggests that, by doing so, we may be inadvertently damaging our children’s vision. The study found that kids under 2 who sleep with a night-light on are three times more likely to develop shortsightedness than those who sleep in the dark.

The study also found that children who slept with high-powered bulbs, such as an overhead light, are up to five times more likely to develop myopia, indicating that the effect worsens with brighter ambient night-time light.

“It appears that a daily period of darkness is needed for the postnatal development of the eyes,” says Richard Stone, professor of ophthalmology at UPenn.

Rebuild Your Vision Program For Only A Buck!

Hey Everyone…

I hope you’ve been watching the videos I’ve been posting… there very informative.

Anyways…. I wanted to let you know about a great special that Orlin Sorensen, the founder of the Rebuild Your Vision Program, is running.

Orlin is running a special this next week by letting you try out the Rebuild Your Vision Program for only $1 for 30 days.

If you’ve ever wanted to improve your vision without glasses or contacts, now is a good time to take advantage of this opportunity.

Just follow the link below:

Try The Rebuild Your Vision Program For A $1

Talk to you soon,