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Improving My Eyesight

Dry Eye Syndrome – Rebuild Your Vision Tip of The Month

This month’s Rebuild Your Vision Program newsletter provided some tips about dry eye syndrome… thought I’d share them with you!

There are various types of dry eye syndrome, and between 10 and 15 percent of people in the United States have dry eye problems. Dry eye syndrome occurs as a part of the natural aging process, especially during menopause; as a side effect of medications such as antihistamines and antidepressants; and as a result of living in a dry, dusty, or windy climate. Air conditioning or heating systems can also dry out your eyes. Another cause is insufficient blinking, such as when you’re staring at a computer screen all day.

Preservative-free artificial tears can be purchased over the counter to help moisten dry eyes. But for a natural solution, many people find flaxseed oil tablets to be helpful. As well, omega-6 fatty acids (found in borage and evening primrose oil) and omega-3 fatty acids (found in fish oil) can help restore the lipid layer of the eye. This keeps tears from evaporating as quickly. Supplement with 50mg of vitamin B6 to improve utilization of these fats in the body.

By the way, the Ocu-Plus Formula Vision Supplement has all the nutrients to help maintain healthy eyes.

if you haven’t signed up for the rebuild your vision newsletter, I highly recommend that you do at

I hope you all have a wonderful and safe Christmas…

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Do Eye Exercises Really Work?

Many people that have eye conditions such as myopia, astigmatism or hyperopia, that requires that they wear some sort of corrective lenses such as eye glasses or contact lenses generally don’t like wearing them.

do eye exercises really workNatural Vision Improvement purports that by doing eye exercises you can improve your vision naturally without having to undergo LASIK surgery.

But the question remains in many people’s minds… do eye exercises really work?

Well let’s try and answer that question…

Natural vision therapy is recognized by a number of medical associations and institutes including the American Optometric Association, the Institute of Medicine of the National Academy of Sciences, the U.S. Public Health Service, the National Center for Health Statistics and the Association of Academic Health Centers

For example, the American Optometric Association “affirms its longstanding position that vision therapy is an effective therapeutic modality in the treatment of physiological dysfunctions of the vision system.” – American Optometric Association, 1985.

There have been numerous articles published in optometry related journals such as the American Journal of Optometry & Physiological Optics, that provide a solid base of research supporting vision therapy as an effective treatment for accommodative deficiencies.

Many popular eye exercise programs such the Rebuild Your Vision Program, The Janet Goodrich Program for Natural Vision Improvement and the Program for Better Vision have many many testimonials on their websites.

You are encouraged to visit any one of the website of any one of these eye exercise programs and read through the testimonials… real people… real results. there are people of varying backgrounds, lifestyles, geographcial locations and more… that have experienced varying degrees of improvement over varying time frames.

You must be patient, disciplined and committed in order for eye exercises to work for you.

It’s important to understand that in most cases, the condition of nearsightedness or farsightedness was developed over a period of many years and there it is unfair that substantial improvement through natural means can be gain in a relatively short time-frame.

You can’t expect to not do the exercises and yet expect to improve your vision… that’s obsurd! You have to do the exercises regularly… preferably at least once per day.

You have to eat healthy. Proper nutrition is an integral part of any eye exercise program. It’s important that you get the right vitamins and minerals that are essential to maintaining healthy eyes, such as vitamins A, C and E, and lutein.

These nutrients help your eyes adjust to light changes, moisten the eyes, enhance visual acuity and help prevent the forming of cataracts.

You have to wear your glasses as infrequently as possible. This helps you decrease you dependancy on your glasses. Many eye exercise programs suggest that you get a pair of glasses with a weaker strength while going through the program.

I hope that the above has answered your question about do eye exercises really work. Also, if you do decide to improve your eyesight naturally by doing eye exercises, follow the simple tips above to improve your success.

Recognizing Extremely Low-resolution Images

Hello All,

I’ve been absent for a while… haven’t posted anything in a little over a week.

Today I just wanted to post something interested…

It illustrates the remarkable power of the brain to recognize extremely low-resolution images.

Check it out on this page –

A lot of people have gotten it right. I guessed right! How about you?

Till next time,


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Rebuild Your Vision EyeQ Quiz

Hey, I just got this email from Orlin Sorensen – the founder of the Rebuild Your Vision Eye Exercise Program…

He’s giving away three copies of his program absolutely free… he’s even paying for shipping… all you have to do is take a quiz.

But there’s a little catch… The first 3 people who take the test and answer all 6 questions correctly will win a free copy of the Rebuild Your Vision program.

Here’s the link to the Quiz – Rebuild Your Vision EyeQ Quiz

Good Luck!!

Janet Goodrich Personal Eyesight Training Kit – Pinhole Glasses

Hey all…

Today I want to continue my in depth description of the Janet Goodrich Personal Eyesight Training Kit… I’m going to talk today, specifically about the pinhole glasses that are included in the kit.

So what are pinhole glasses anyway? – Pinhole glasses are shaped like normal glasses… but instead of glasses lenses, with pinhole glasses, there is black plastic with several tiny “pinholes”.

pinhole glasses

pinhole glasses

Pinholes work by reducing the amount of scattered light and allowing through only parallel beams that fall on the keenest area of sight on the retina.. thereby allowing clearing vision.

As part of any natural vision improvement program, participants are encouraged to get glasses that have a lower prescription than is normal prescribed for them. This can be done through a behavioral optometrist. For those of us who can’t find behavioral optometrist or don’t feel comfortable asking our current optemetrist for glasses with a lower prescription, pinhole glasses are a good alternative.

Pinholes can be used for common activities like reading, watching TV or using the computer use, etc. They should not be used while driving. Note that I used my pinhole glasses while typing part of this post!… So they definitely allow you to see clearer.. but there is some getting to use to.

Hope you found this post informative… Look out for my next post tomorrow


Janet Goodrich Personal Eyesight Training Kit – The Booklet

Hey all,

I’ve been spending some time going through the Janet Goodrich Personal Eyesight Training Kit and as promised, I’m going to talk a little bit about each of the items that’s including in the package. Today, I’ll tell you about the booklet…

Janet Goodrich Personal Eyesight Training Kit Booklet

Personal Eyesight Training Kit Booklet

The booklet has about 75 pages and here’s a peek of the topics covered:

About the kit – this section basically describes what’s including in the kit and how each item is related to the natural vision improvement program.

Intro to Natural Vision Improvement – this section essentially answers some frequently asked questions about natural vision improvement and common vision conditions such as myopia and astigmatism. It also provides a very useful process map, which based on your specific condition outlines which eye exercises should be done. The process map covers myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism and presbyopia as well as combinations of either one.

Understanding Your Prescription – this section explains what the terms in a typical prescription mean.

Self Assessment – the self assessment section provides a step-by-step guide for you to determine your visual acuity … essentially it’s to provide yourself with a starting point for your natural vision improvement.

Transition and Pinhole Glasses – This section explains the purpose of transition and pinhole glasses in the natural vision improvement process… and when and how to use them.

Vision Activity Reference Guide – this section describes in much detail all of the eye exercises in the Janet Goodrich Method of natural vision improvement, such as palming, sunning, tromboning, feather swing, etc… I counted about 15 eye exercises in the program.

Other Eyesight Factors – in addition to eye exercises, natural vision improvement involves proper nutrition and practicing habits that are healthy for your eyes, including how to deal with stress… that’s what this section is all about.

Maintaining Good Vision for Life – once you’ve achieved greater visual acuity, you’ll what to read this section on the habits you must maintain to ensure that your improved vision does not “slide back downhill”.

History of the Janet Goodrich Method & Additional Information – Ever wondered how natural vision improvement came about or how the Janet Goodrich Method started?… well this section answers those questions, plus it provides you with some information on some useful natural vision improvement resources.

Well guys.. that was quite a bit, but that’s what’s covered in the booklet… next I’ll talk about the pinhole glasses.

Till next time..


Eye Nutrition – Eyebright Herb

Have you ever heard about “eyebright”?…  Well a lot of people haven’t.

I came about this eye nutrition fact in the RebuildYourVision Newsletter and thought I should share it:

Eyebright has been used for centuries to treat eye irritation. Its Greek name, Euphrasia, comes from Euphrosyne, one of the three Graces, who was distinguished for her joy and mirth. The name is thought to have been given the plant because of its valuable properties as an eye medicine that preserved eyesight and so brought gladness into the life of the sufferer.

Eyebright is an antioxidant herb. Its antibiotic and astringent properties tighten membranes and mucus surrounding the eyes, effectively strengthening and improving circulation. Rich in vitamins A and C, eyebright also contains tannins that are beneficial for reducing inflammation.

The Rebuild Your Vision Ocu-Plus Formula contains Eyebright and 16 other nutrients that play an important role in your vision health.

Look out tomorrow for more information on the Janet Goodrich Personal Eyesight Training Kit.

Till then,


Exploring My Janet Goodrich Personal Eyesight Training Kit

Hey everyone…

As I mentioned in the last post, I received my Personal Eyesight Training Kit recently, and I wanted to let you know what’s included in the kit. The Kit comes in neat plastic case approximately 22 cm high by 16 cm wide and 4.5 cm thick.

Janet Goodrich Personal Eyesight Training Kit

Janet Goodrich Personal Eyesight Training Kit

….and inside this case you’ll find the following items:

  1. The Personal Eyesight Training Kit Booklet
  2. A pair of Pinhole Glasses
  3. An eyepatch
  4. Several charts and cards  – distance charts, fusing charts, reminder cards, etc.
  5. An USB drive filled with pdfs and audios of the lessons (this is really cool!) and some music.
Janet Goodrich Personal Eyesight Training Kit

Janet Goodrich Personal Eyesight Training Kit

In the coming days, I talk about each one of the above components of the kit in some measure of detail and explain each item’s purpose.

Until next time,


My Janet Goodrich Personal Eyesight Training Kit Arrived Today

Hey All,

Just wanted to mention that my Janet Goodrich Personal Eyesight Training Kit arrived in the mail today…

I’m pretty excited about starting the eye exercises to improve vision and I’ll be posting my progress on this blog in the coming weeks.

Till Then,


Today Is World Sight Day….

Hey did you know that today is World Sight Day? What is World Sight Dayall about you ask?…

World Sight Day is held every year on the second Thursday in October. It is an annual day of awareness to focus global attention on blindness, visual impairment and rehabilitation of the visually impaired.

World Sight Day is observed around the world by all partners involved in preventing visual impairment or restoring sight. It is also the main advocacy event for the prevention of blindness and for “Vision 2020: The Right to Sight”, a global effort to prevent blindness created by WHO and the International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness.

You can learn more about World Sight Day at the Vision 2020 website.

Have a great weekend!


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