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How to Improve Your Vision without Glasses

Many people that have eye conditions such as myopia, astigmatism or hyperopia that require the use of corrective lens such as eye glasses or contact lenses generally don’t like wearing them.

Further, many people are hesitant to undergo corrective eye surgeries such as Lasik because of the risks involved.

So what other option is there? Well there natural ways to improve your vision and decrease your dependency on glasses.

Here’s what you need to do.

1) Reduce the Effects of Computer Vision Syndrome

Computer Vision Syndrome is defined as the “group of eye and vision problems related to near work that are experienced during or related to computer use”. There are various symptoms such as tired, sore and dry eyes, eye strain, headaches, slowness in changing the focus of your eyes and excessive tearing.

However, there are habits that you can develop in order to reduce the effects of Computer Vision Syndrome.

Create an ergonomic workstation – maintain a viewing distance of 20-28 inches and the center of the computer screen should be 4-9 inches below your eyes, because your eyes work best with a slight downward gaze.

Eliminate glare in your work area – Adjust blinds or curtains to minimize sunlight. Turn down overhead lights so that the brightness of the screen and the surrounding room are balanced. However, do not, however, work in the dark

Take a break – It’s easy to lose track of time at the computer. At the very minimum, take a break at least once an hour for about 10 minutes and blink frequently.

2) Provide Your Eyes with Proper Nutrition

Your diet affects your overall health; and that includes your eyes. Here are some of the specific nutrients that directly affect the health of your eyes.

Vitamin A – I am sure that you’ve heard that carrots are good for your eyes. Ever wondered why? Carrots contain a carotenoid called beta-carotene. Your body converts beta-carotene into vitamin A, which is an anti-oxidant. Antioxidants such as vitamin A are essential to eye health. Vitamin A is known to:

  • Help your eyes adjust to light changes
  • Moisten the eyes, which can enhance visual acuity
  • Prevent the forming of cataracts
  • Help prevent blindness from AMD (Age-Related Macular Degeneration)

Vitamin C and E – these two nutrients also assist in the long term health of your eyes.

Lutein – Studies have shown that Lutein, which is found in foods such as dark green leafy vegetables, eggs, corn and pumpkins, may reduce the risk of AMD as well as it may play a role in helping reduce the risk of cataract extraction.

Water – Drinking water frequently also helps.

Increase the intake of nutrients that promote healthy eyesight… There are actually eye vitamin supplements especially formulated for healthy eyesight.

3) Do Eye Exercises

Eye exercises are exercises that are used to improve your eyesight through conditioning the muscles responsible for clear focus or eye teaming (controlling how you use and aim our eyes together).

There is great debate as to the legitimacy of using eye exercises to improve vision. However, there are numerous references as to the benefits of doing eye exercises and there are several natural vision improvement programs available. Here are some eye exercises to improve vision that you can try.

Keep in mind though that natural vision improvement isn’t easy… But here are some tips to improve your chances of success:

  • You must be patient, disciplined and committed in order for eye exercises to work for you.
  • It’s important to understand that in most cases, the condition of nearsightedness or farsightedness was developed over a period of many years and there it is unfair that substantial improvement through natural means can be gain in a relatively short time-frame.
  • You can’t expect to not do the exercises and yet expect to improve your vision… that’s absurd! You have to do the exercises regularly… preferably at least once per day.
  • You have to wear your glasses as infrequently as possible. This helps you decrease you dependency on your glasses. Many eye exercise programs suggest that you get a pair of glasses with a weaker strength while going through the program.

So if you want to improve your eyesight, but can’t afford eye surgery or are afraid of the possible risk, then natural vision improvement is an alternative to consider. Just remember, you have to be disciplined, patient, avoid poor eye habits and eat the proper nutrients.

Eye Care Tip – Drink More Water


Firstly let me take teh time to wish all my readers all the best for the New Year!

Today, I’m providing a simple tip, which I got from the Rebuild Your Vision Program Newsletter.

Drinking plenty of water is essential to eye health. Remember, our cornea is 80% water! Drinking water ensures that your eyes will remain as moist as they need to be to properly function; it also flushes out toxins and allows your peepers to repel dirt, dust, and parasites that cause infection.

Simple, but Important!

Reduce The Symptoms of Computer Vision Syndrome

I was reading an interesting article over at teh Rebuild Your Vision Blog… Thought I’d share it with you guys..

It gives some tips about how to reduce Computer Vision Sydrome.

Check it out here – Rebuild Your Vision Tips to Reduce Computer Vision Syndrome Symptoms


4 Ways to Improve Your Eyesight

Hey Everbody…

One of the reasons I created this blog is to share information about natural vision improvement with you….

Well today I came across an informative article on Yahoo! that I thought I’d share

Here’s the link – 4 Ways to Improve Your Eyesight

After you’ve read the article, you can look around my blog find other ways to improve your vision 🙂

Till Next time,


Another Eye Care Tip From Rebuild Your Vision

Hey all…

It’s been a very long time since I’ve written on my blog 🙁

I just wanted to put a quick tip from the Rebuild Your Vision Program… It’s about night driving.

For people who suffer from night blindness, driving at night can be very difficult. Here are some tips for how to cope:

  1. Keep your car windshield and car windows clean—inside and out. Having dirt and debris on your windshield can disturb the filtering of light and scatter it, making it harder to see, especially at night.
  2. While driving at night, avoid looking at oncoming car lights head-on; instead, try to look to the side of the lights in order to minimize glare. Drive with your headlights on bright as long as there is no oncoming traffic.
  3. If you are at the stage of the Rebuild Your Vision Program where you are still wearing your glasses, choose glasses with an anti-reflective coating to reduce glare

I’ll be posting some more tips soon, plus some updates on my progress with natural vision improvement


Dry Eye Syndrome – Rebuild Your Vision Tip of The Month

This month’s Rebuild Your Vision Program newsletter provided some tips about dry eye syndrome… thought I’d share them with you!

There are various types of dry eye syndrome, and between 10 and 15 percent of people in the United States have dry eye problems. Dry eye syndrome occurs as a part of the natural aging process, especially during menopause; as a side effect of medications such as antihistamines and antidepressants; and as a result of living in a dry, dusty, or windy climate. Air conditioning or heating systems can also dry out your eyes. Another cause is insufficient blinking, such as when you’re staring at a computer screen all day.

Preservative-free artificial tears can be purchased over the counter to help moisten dry eyes. But for a natural solution, many people find flaxseed oil tablets to be helpful. As well, omega-6 fatty acids (found in borage and evening primrose oil) and omega-3 fatty acids (found in fish oil) can help restore the lipid layer of the eye. This keeps tears from evaporating as quickly. Supplement with 50mg of vitamin B6 to improve utilization of these fats in the body.

By the way, the Ocu-Plus Formula Vision Supplement has all the nutrients to help maintain healthy eyes.

if you haven’t signed up for the rebuild your vision newsletter, I highly recommend that you do at

I hope you all have a wonderful and safe Christmas…

Till next time,


Vision Tip From The RebuildYourVision Program

Here’s a tip from the Rebuild Your Vision Program – It’s about how night lights affect your eyes.

Most of us believe that leaving a night-light on for our kids is reassuring, but a new study from the University of Pennsylvania Medical Center suggests that, by doing so, we may be inadvertently damaging our children’s vision. The study found that kids under 2 who sleep with a night-light on are three times more likely to develop shortsightedness than those who sleep in the dark.

The study also found that children who slept with high-powered bulbs, such as an overhead light, are up to five times more likely to develop myopia, indicating that the effect worsens with brighter ambient night-time light.

“It appears that a daily period of darkness is needed for the postnatal development of the eyes,” says Richard Stone, professor of ophthalmology at UPenn.

Vitamin A – Not Only Good For Your Eyesight

Here’s an interesting video about the benefits of vitamin A…

How To Prevent Computer Eyestrain

Here’s a good video about how to prevent computer eyestrain…

How To Keep Your Eyes Healthy